Welcome to Sivamet

Sivamet is an aged 18+ mature guild. However, that does not mean we do not have rules. I also ask that you try to not charge or give reduced rates to guild members for items needed to progress in the game.

1. Don't be Disrespectful to any guild member. We all have feelings and once said you can not take back hurt of any kind...
2. Please ask for help if you need it someone will help if they can...
3. Try to get an authenticator it ;protects all your hard work and our guild as well. If you cannot get an authenticator, ask for help - one of us might be able to help out.
4. If you take from the guild bank, replace what you took with equal value items as soon as you can.
5. Do not use guild items for toons that are not in the guild and do not take items and sell for gold that will be considered stealing and there will be consequences for this action.
6. Please help out when you can, with guild weekly dungeon runs , Scenarios and Raids also if any member need help with a question advise or a fast run please try to help out this is what sets us apart from the rest of the guilds on this realm!
7. You must download Ventrillo. We use it When on guild raids, you can use Ventrillo even if you do not have a microphone - you can still hear instructions from raid leaders.
8. PLEASE Do not interrupt when instructions are given or when other members are speaking.
9. Be polite and please, have manners. You may curse, and use profanity and sexual punts but if its personal or you're bringing offline stuff into the game, keep in mind all out of game issues will not be tolerated take care of your love life on your own time...
10. Keep your word when you agree to get online for a guild run. If you cannot be online, try to give as much notice as possible.
11. Losing your temper and going off on another member for not knowing how to do a run of any kind will not be tolerated we all need to learn at some time and there will always be new players to the game who do not know the content so please be understanding with this we are all people and have feelings!!!

      ALL guild members are required to add the leader of the guild AKA ( Dâyon ) to your real ID friends list. Do this by sending him an invitation, his email is ( danieljlipka@hotmail.com ). This will not reveal your information for log in only the real ID will be known to me the guild owner. I the guild owner play on 3 accounts all active on many realms or servers with all 3 full of characters and members of different guilds as well as run other guilds on other servers. So you can understand the need for this. If my services are required or if I need to rally the members for a guild run that has been scheduled and forgot about or is a spontaneous event this happens a lot.   It will reveal your real name to me to ensure the guilds security, which we need to ensure that people who have been kicked out or banned from the guild for what ever reason are not able to sneak back in by changing the characters name with the name change option. Keep in mind I will not disclose your real life name to any one it is confidential as I hope you will hold mine in the same strict confidence.  (Mine is Daniel, btw!)

Thank you for considering Sivamet as your guild!